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Web Pay Policies.

Refund Policy:

There are NO REFUND of any kind for rent paid, security deposits taken or other fees paid.

Cancellation Policy:

Consistent with our lease agreement there are no cancellations allowed. Once monies are paid they are applied towards the resident balance owned and are not refunded under any circumstances.

Delivery / Shipping Policy:

We accept credit card payments for the service we offer. Delivery and shipping information is not applicable.

Price list:

Application fees are $35.00. All other prices/rent amount are stated with your signed lease agreement. Please always ask for a copy or call your property leasing offices for information.

Gift Cards (Visa or MasterCard):

Prior to making an online payment with your gift card, please register your gift card with the issuer. The information you provide during registration must be the same information you provide to us, otherwise your transaction will be declined.

All Online payments are accepted with reservations for any resident currently in default on their lease agreement. Acceptance of such payment will not void any legal proceedings.

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